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2023’s Top 5 MMOs: Highly Immersive Games to Play

There will always be a strong debate about which MMOs are the best every year. And for 2023, there are plenty of games that are surely giving players an immersive gaming experience. No MMO is the same for its level of fun and excitement. Still, you can find one to play Here are the top 5 BitStarz – VIP Starz Club and MMOs to play in 2023. 

Final Fantasy XIV

It may not have been an instant MMO favorite over the years, but it definitely gained a massive number of players over time. This popular MMORPG allows your character to explore Hydaelyn. This version has a unique storyline that shows a lot about the Final Fantasy series. You can fully customize your Warrior of Light. Your character can change from one Job or Class to another. This gives you limitless access to choose the Classes you want to try and change if you want to give others a go. 

World of Warcraft (WoW)

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This is probably the most popular MMO out there. Blizzard Entertainment released WoW in 2004. In WoW, you focus on character improvement. Experience points are important in WoW. This can help level up your character because higher levels are always stronger and more powerful. Characters trade with others using in-game currency to purchase better equipment. WoW is free to play until your character reaches level 20. To play the latest game content, a subscription is required after Level 20. 

EVE Online

This is a free-to-play MMO that will surely be enjoyed by those who love space exploration. This is a spaceship MMO where you can explore, build and form strong allies and coalitions in order to protect your empire. If you are into futuristic and space game themes, then EVE Online is for you. 


Another popular MMO game in 2023 is Runescape. Runescape was developed and published by Jagex. Runescape is a free-to-play fantasy MMO with straightforward gameplay. You set your goals and start playing the game. There are options to train in-game skills and interact with other players. There is no dull moment with Runescape since there are over 200 quests to do. 

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Guild Wars 2

This is not your traditional MMO. Guild Wars 2 focuses more on live events as you explore its fast-paced world. You can even play it solo. If you want your character to survive and finish the challenges easily, you need a team. This is crucial if you do not have the right armor, build, and profession. Also, Guild Wars 2 is not connected to the original Guild Wars as it is set in a different era. This is a totally different setting that Guild Wars players will also enjoy.

These are the most popular MMO games in 2023. There may be more games out there to choose from, but these are the mostly played MMO games. If you want to level up your gaming experience and try the massively multiplayer online games out there, then try the suggested games above.

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