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Best Thriller Movies of All Time In This Winter 2023

Do you like watching thriller movies? Most people love to watch a good thriller movie. What if the film has a fantastic thriller story with more twists and suspense than you can expect? It would be an exciting movie for you to watch any time, especially on weekends.

Do you like to know some of the all-time best thriller movies released recently? If interested, you should try watching Senapathi, Trance, and Needa. All these three movies are currently streaming on aha-OTT. You can also find telugu best movies in aha other than these, which you can watch through a subscription plan.

  1. Senapathi

Senapathi is an emotional thriller movie currently streaming on aha. Krishna, an honest police officer, accidentally lost his service pistol while trying to catch a criminal. The thief who gets the pistol sells it to another person named Murthy, who goes on a killing spree. The story then continues with the investigations by Krishna to find his gun and his emotional struggles.

  1. Trance

Trance is a Malayalam movie that is currently streaming in the Telugu language. It has a unique storyline that is entirely different from all other movies you have seen earlier. The movie revolves around the character Viju Prasad who suffers from psychological issues and depression. Later a fraud agency hired him to be a Christian pastor, wherein he became highly popular and prosperous. Thus, it is a psychological thriller movie wherein Viju sinks deep into the darkness and delusions.

  1. Needa

Needa is another South Indian Malayalam movie (Nizhal), a crime thriller with good suspense that keeps the viewers encouraged. The film is currently streaming in the Telugu language in aha-OTT. The story revolves around three persons, a judicial magistrate John Baby, Megha, and her son Nitin. The primary twist of the story is that Nitin narrates different murder stories from time to time which surprisingly matches with real-time incidents. By hearing the story, John investigates the murder and finds it true.

Watch exciting Telugu thriller movies on aha

Are you a person who likes to watch thriller movies in all languages? You will not be able to watch other language thriller movies if you do not understand that language. Aha can help you with that because it is an online streaming platform where you can find all the Telugu thriller movies. You can find most of the top-rated South Indian thriller movies in Telugu dub in it (mainly the Tamil and Malayalam languages). Thus, it is a convenient place to watch an exciting thriller in your language.

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